How To Build A Digital Marketing Portfolio

Do you want to learn how to create your own digital marketing portfolio?


h. rose

3/19/20231 min read

Do Something Great neon sign for digital portfolio
Do Something Great neon sign for digital portfolio

Quarter 1: January - March

  • Week 1: Introduction to building a portfolio - why it's important and what to include

  • Week 2: Choosing your niche and defining your target audience

  • Week 3: Identifying your unique selling proposition (USP) and brand positioning

  • Week 4: Creating a content plan for your portfolio

Quarter 2: April - June

  • Week 1: Designing your portfolio - tips and best practices

  • Week 2: Writing killer copy for your portfolio - how to communicate your value proposition effectively

  • Week 3: Building your personal brand online - leveraging social media and other digital channels

  • Week 4: Optimizing your portfolio for search engines (SEO)

Quarter 3: July - September

  • Week 1: Creating a portfolio website - choosing the right platform and building a professional-looking site

  • Week 2: Leveraging video content for your portfolio - tips for creating effective video content

  • Week 3: Creating an email list and using email marketing to promote your portfolio

  • Week 4: Building relationships with influencers and other industry professionals

Quarter 4: October - December

  • Week 1: Using paid advertising to promote your portfolio - tips and best practices

  • Week 2: Creating a portfolio case study - showcasing your work and achievements

  • Week 3: Networking and building connections - tips for attending events and making meaningful connections

  • Week 4: Reflection and goal-setting - reviewing your progress and setting goals for the upcoming year

Of course, the topics and timeline can be adjusted based on the specific needs and goals of the channel, but this is a good starting point for a quarterly content calendar.