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Social Media Marketing & Management Case Study For Criminal Defense Law Firm


h. rose

8/28/20233 min read

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Jarrett Adams Law is a distinguished legal firm specializing in criminal and civil defense, with a unique focus on exonerating wrongfully convicted individuals. Founded by Jarrett Adams, an author who personally experienced exoneration, the firm operates in both New York City and Chicago. With a notable presence on social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, Jarrett Adams Law is committed to sharing legal expertise, client stories, and insights related to criminal justice. His dedication to justice and advocacy shines through his online presence, making him a significant voice in the legal landscape.

Week 1: Expertise Showcase

  • Long Post: Share an in-depth article on the legal nuances of exoneration cases, showcasing the firm's expertise in the field. Graphic: Infographic comparing key legal aspects of wrongful convictions.

  • Campaign highlighting high-profile cases and their outcomes

  • Content discussing wrongful convictions, legal reform

  • Post: “Celebrating Justice: How Jarrett Adams Law Helped Secure Freedom for [Client Name]. Read about the landmark case that exposed the truth and led to an innocent person’s release. #ExonerationStories #JusticePrevails”

  • Social Media: Post a legal tip on Facebook, accompanied by an eye-catching graphic highlighting a lesser-known fact about exonerations.

  • Encourage followers to share their thoughts, questions, and stories related to criminal justice issues

  • Highlight other legal experts, criminal justice reform advocates, and other influencers for their work

Week 2: Human Interest Stories

  • Podcast Episode: Release the first podcast episode featuring a moving interview with an exonerated client. Graphic: Podcast cover art with the client's portrait.

  • Hashtags to increase discoverability, such as #WrongfulConvictions, #JusticeReform, and #ExonerationStories

  • Instagram: Share a carousel of images showcasing the journey of an exoneree, with captions describing the challenges they faced at each stage.

  • Post: “Beyond Bars: The Urgent Need for Criminal Justice Reform. Our team discusses the systemic issues that contribute to wrongful convictions and what reforms can help prevent them. #JusticeReform #LegalInsights”

  • Post: “Breaking Down the Legal Process: What Happens After a Wrongful Conviction? Our legal experts explain the steps involved in overturning a wrongful conviction and seeking justice. #LegalInsights #CriminalDefense”

Week 3: Thought Leadership

  • Thought Leadership Piece: Publish an opinion article on LinkedIn discussing the need for reform in the criminal justice system. Graphic: Custom-designed quote graphic from the article.

  • Twitter: Share a quick video snippet of a legal expert from the firm offering insights on a recent high-profile exoneration case.

  • Post: “Insights from the Experts: Interview with Jarrett Adams on Criminal Defense and Exoneration. Listen to our candid conversation about the challenges and triumphs in the fight for justice. [Podcast Link] #Interview #LegalExperts”

  • Post: “Meet the Faces Behind Jarrett Adams Law: Our Dedicated Legal Team. Get to know the attorneys who tirelessly advocate for the rights of the wrongfully convicted. #LegalTeam #PassionForJustice”

  • Post: “From Wrongfully Convicted to Free: [Client Name]’s Journey to Redemption. Hear firsthand from an exoneree about their experience and the role Jarrett Adams Law played in their exoneration. #ClientStory #JusticeServed”

Week 4: Non-Profit Initiatives and Memoir Promotion

  • Webinar Announcement: Tease an upcoming webinar on criminal justice reform on all platforms. Graphic: Webinar teaser image with date, time, and a sneak peek of the discussion topics.

  • Facebook: Post an update on a successful initiative by "Life After Justice" along with a heartfelt testimonial from a beneficiary. Graphic: Photo collage showcasing the initiative's impact.

  • Memoir Spotlight: Share a visually appealing book review of "Redeeming Justice" on Instagram, complete with a graphic featuring the book cover and a quote from the review.

  • Post: “Dive into ‘Redeeming Justice’: A Memoir of Triumph Over Wrongful Conviction. Join us as we explore the powerful story of Attorney Jarrett Adams, shedding light on the resilience of the human spirit. #Memoir #TrueStory”

  • Post: “Making Lives Whole Again: Meet [Individual Name], Whose Life Was Transformed by ‘Life After Justice.’ Discover how our non-profit initiative is making a positive impact on the lives of exonerees. #LifeAfterJustice #CommunitySupport”

Bonus Content: Throughout the Month

  • Weekly Posts: Share legal insights, case studies, and opinion pieces on the firm's social media. Graphics: Custom illustrations or infographics relevant to each topic.

  • Social Media Visuals: Regularly post bite-sized legal tips, client testimonials, and engaging visuals on all platforms. Graphics: Quote graphics, client photos, and stylized tips.